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MacraméMagic Vows to Offer Only Made-in-America Plant Hangers


Tennessee Ridge, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- MacraméMagic has announced that it will continue to only sell plant hangers and other macramé products made in the USA. Gary, the business owner and macramé-artist who started MacraméMagic along with his wife, Kayla, just a few years ago said, “For us, made in America means we care. We care about our products being in your home, and we are always thankful when you trade your hard earned money for them. Made in America means quality and hard work. It means that the product, whatever that may be, will last and last.”

Macramé Plant Hangers that Last
Crafting macramé plant hangers that last is the cornerstone on which Gary and Kayla have built their business upon. They craft plant hangers that can be passed down through the generations. “We just want to know that we have given quality, and that in years from now when someone asks, ‘Where did you find THAT?’ the answer can be, ‘At, an American company,’” Gary said.

Gary added that a good portion of their business comes from fellow Americans looking to replace the worn out macramé plant hangers that their mothers or fathers had crafted back in the 60's or 70's. These days, MacraméMagic crafts with materials that will last much longer so that their plant hangers will be enjoyed by parents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

About MacraméMagic
Started out of a humble home in Tennessee Ridge, TN, MacraméMagic offers hundreds of options to include 60-plus color possibilities, cord thicknesses, and all sorts of different designs, colors, and types of rings and beads.

The Tennessee-based company is proud to be able to offer free shipping within the continental US.

To learn more about MacraméMagic, please contact the company.

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