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Macroeconomics School Releases Analysis of Economic Performance of Major Economies Through Quarterly Economic Reports


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2016 -- Press Release from January 20, 2016 With the economy changing faster than ever, economists at Macroeconomics School's Macroeconomic Monitoring Unit (MMU) have committed themselves to releasing a series of economic reports on a quarterly basis. The first JUUICE Economies Monitor will be released on January 20, 2016. The document consists of a 57 page PDF that contain updates, analysis and interpretation of the economic performance of major economies: Japan, US, UK, India, China and the Eurozone (i.e. the JUUICE economies). These economies together account for the lion's share of global GDP and consequently have a substantial influence on the global economic environment, business conditions and financial markets.

The organization feels that these economic reports will become popular with business professionals of all levels, as well as with students of business and economics and investors because of its reader friendly and highly accessible writing style. It features only the most vital information to enable expeditious comprehension of the economic performance of these economies.

Quarterly economic report content has long been popular with professionals of all shades as well as students and investors. However, this kind of material is often priced out of the range of those who need it most. According to reports, this quarterly economic report will be priced very competitively.

Users can purchase the content and download it easily by clicking on the link below:

An excerpt from the JUUICE Economies Monitor is now currently available, which is one of the world's leading global economy websites. That excerpt may be read by clicking on the link below:

Reading these economic reports will reportedly provide subscribers with a basis for understanding the rather complicated economic environment and rapid changes in the same.

Analysis is led by Chief Economist Sher Mehta, who is a member of the Chinese Economist Society as well as the American Economic Association.

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