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Madden Bolt Offers Galvanizing Services in Houston TX

Steel Fabrication and Galvanizing services under one roof


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2017 -- Madden's in-house galvanizing services translate into a simplified and more efficient process. For the customer this means one call and one invoice. With less 'links in the chain', customers can expect quicker lead times and no need to keep a complicated list of the vendors being used at each stage of the project. Hot dip galvanizing provides the protection needed against corrosion by immersing the iron or steel in a 'bath' of molten zinc. When the product emerges from the liquid, a thin layer of the zinc coats the product. All of this takes place at around 840 °F. Fabrication, galvanizing and shipping are seamlessly managed by the team at Madden Bolt.

Primers, paint, oils and rust could compromise the galvanization process so at Madden Bolt products undergo a three step preparation process before being galvanized and a thorough cleaning afterwards by a centrifuge, minimizing defects with state of the art technology.

As a premium supplier of Galvanizing Services, Madden Bolt can be contacted by phone, by email or by filling in a contact form on their website at

Competitive pricing and a full range of services are offered under one roof so there is no delay in transporting products to a separate galvanization plant. Madden provides end to end solutions with one point of contact, minimizing admin and simplifying the process from initial contact through to delivery of the finished product.

About Madden Bolt
Since 1942, three generations of the Madden family have developed the original small steel bolt fabricator business into a leading fabricator of quality steel industrial fasteners and miscellaneous steel parts. Based in Houston, Texas with global capabilities. Their products: Anchor Bolts. Steel Fabrication. Galvanizing.

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13420 Hempstead Rd, Houston, TX 77040
Tel: 713-939-9999