EZ Pull Temporary Cabinet Handles Featured in Kitchen and Bath Design News


Bloomfield Hills, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2011 -- The Madison Group is pleased to announce their new EZ Pull temporary cabinet pull solution recently featured in the magazine, “Kitchen and Bath Design News.”

EZ Pull handles are temporary cabinet handles that allow construction workers and homeowners to open and close cabinet doors and drawers, before permanent handles have been installed.

The use of blue tape (often used as a temporary means to open newly installed cabinets), or even worse, sharp tools to open and close cabinets, is widely practiced by construction workers. But the risk of sticky residue, chipping, and frowns from interior designers motivated a new alternative from the home design industry.

During home projects the ability for designers and home owners to choose hardware is an integral part of the interior design process. But oftentimes unsightly blue tape can take away from the aesthetics of the room and create a distraction while deciding on the final interior selections.

Answering the need for convenient and aesthetically pleasing temporary cabinet handles, The Madison Group created a simple non-marking plastic device that snaps onto a wide array of drawers and cabinets. Made in a neutral color, the temporary handles allow for the opening and closing of cabinets without the distractions and damaging effects of blue tape or construction tools. They are low profile enough not to be noticed, but functional enough to be used with a large variety of cabinets or drawers.

According to construction and interior design experts, home owners and designers are often rushed to choose hardware for their cabinets and drawers in order to make them functional. This dynamic invites arbitrary decisions which oftentimes result in mis-drilled holes or a project that is later regretted. “We understand that making a decision on cabinet and drawer handles can be a tough one. With EzPull, take time on deciding while still having easy access to all your cabinet and drawer space,” says the website.

In addition to their many uses, construction or cabinet manufacturing companies can adhere their company’s own information sticker on the handle and make a further impression on their clients.

Kitchen and Bath Design News are not the only ones that have been impressed with EZ Pull and their convenient temporary handle solutions. So far they have received rave reviews from home owners, construction companies, and interior designers. To learn more about EZ Pull, or to see why they are already in use all over the nation, please visit: