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Magazine Store Hybrid Teraputics Releases New Editorials Along with New Products

Their innovative business model has seen Teraputics see early successes as a lifestyle guru and product manufacturer in one, and respond with an expanded product range and editorials.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Many people regularly turn to the internet to research best practices for keeping their health and vitality at its peak, and reading these magazines often flags up nutritional supplements recommended to give the body everything it needs while encouraging fat burning, suppressing appetite, and maximizing nutrient absorption. Online magazine Teraputics saw the debate raging on the difficulties of finding a reliable, quality supplier of these supplements and decided to fill the gap themselves, and the business model has proven successful thus far. Expanding their range of high quality products, they now include herbal remedies for allergies and inflammation.

The new range of natural herbal remedies includes an allergy pill that uses wasabi, peppermint, nettle and butterbur to counteract the effects of pollen allergies such as inflammation of the soft tissues, scratchiness of the throat and dryness of the eyes. The pill is not a cure, but instead helps eliminate the symptoms so people can live their lives less affected by pollen.

They have also released a high-purity turmeric for inflammation supplement that helps to reduce inflammation in the joints without having side-effects. The product is designed to help those with rheumatoid arthritis and sports related strains to minimize the damaging effects of the swelling, which can often worsen natural wear and tear through excess pressure.

A spokesperson for Teraputics explained, “Our readers come to us because they respect our knowledge and expertise in the field- by applying that same knowledge and expertise we’ve been able to create industry leading supplements for a huge array of health benefits, whether coping with allergies or inflammation as with our new products, or increasing the existing performance of the body’s metabolism. Our readers discover some of the best natural solutions to common nutritional challenges on our website, and can be assured of high quality, affordable supplements to meet those needs. It’s a perfect match, and it’s proving increasingly successful every day.”

About Teraputics
Teraputics is an online magazine for health supplement users that have maximized their commitment to getting their readers the best products by going into the manufacturing business themselves, creating high quality supplements that allow readers to act on the advice they find on the site immediately to start living a healthier, happier lifestyle. For more information, please visit: http://www.teraputics.com/