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Magento Hosting Provider Mage Mojo Releases New Customer Success Stories


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- Mage Mojo is making a large impact on the ecommerce market with their Magento Hosting. The company, whose hosting platform is designed exclusively to host Magento stores, recently released a variety of customer success stories, all of which back up their claims of being the #1 Magento hosting provider. These stories were recently posted on the company’s user-friendly website.

Through the development of its own Magento hosting technology, Mage Mojo is able to handle the high demands of the Magento platform while providing its clients with a lower cost. Its Magento web hosting is fully optimized for high performance, availability and security to run the Magento platform. Clients can expect to receive full dedicated resources without paying high monthly fees for server hardware.

In addition, Mage Mojo’s state-of-the-art data center has redundant telecommunications backbones, power and HVAC systems. Extreme measures are taken to provide clients with 100 percent up time for their websites. In addition, Mage Mojo’s team of professional support technicians all has extensive experience with Magento.

Mage Mojo’s ability to save their clients often substantial amounts of money is described in one of the newly-released customer success stories. In the article, the client explains how Mage Mojo was able to save the company $7,000 per month.

The client, whose business was being hosted with another key web host company, was paying $9,000 a month for the service. But every time the company tried to launch a promotion to its Facebook fans or send out an email promotion, its site would crash.

After working with the web hosting company for some time and spending thousands of additional dollars to try to solve the issue, no one was able to fix the problem.

The business finally decided to move to Mage Mojo’s ecommerce hosting services. Within 24 hours, Mage Mojo was able to diagnose and fix the problem that was causing the website to crash. In addition, Mage Mojo offered the company a hosting solution that costs just $2,000 a month. Most importantly, the company’s website no longer crashes or suffers from any performance problems at all, not even during busy promotions.

“In this case, the hosting company they used before us claims to offer ‘Magento hosting environment,’” the article noted, adding that in reality, most hosting companies that offer “Magento Optimized Hosting” or “Magento hosting environments” don't offer a true optimized server or environment for Magento.

“Their servers and hosting environments are not fully optimized for Magento which is why they need to charge their customers so much more than we charge just to get decent performance. In this case, $9,000 per month was not even enough to run Magento correctly with this other ‘Magento’ web host.”

About Mage Mojo
Magento hosting provider, Mage Mojo LLC is one of the top web hosts for the Magento platform. Mage Mojo now provides hosting to over 1,000 Magento stores. By specializing only in Magento hosting, they have the ability to offer highly optimized hosting solutions for the Magento platform at a lower cost than their competitors. For more information, please visit http://magemojo.com