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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Super affiliate marketer / social media guru Mike Precise has learned there are many different ways to market and promote services, talents and products by using different techniques and strategies that anyone can learn from the comforts of their own home. Mike Precise or better known as "The Steve Jobs of Marketing" has been taught and mentored by some of the top leading online marketers of today such as George Brown (Super Affiliate Marketer) Prashant Sharma ( Super Affiliate Marketer) and Jackson Yin (Super Affiliate Blogger) just to name a few. Maggnetic Music and Medias Mike Precise explains "Most people have seen the info-mercials that run late at night to the the wee hours of the morning showing or telling a story about how a normal guy who hated his job and all of a sudden found a way to tap into a huge online money source and now is a multi-millionaire....I think I can stop there because I think everyone has seen these types of videos or campaigns at one point or another, But think about this..what IF you where one of the individuals who ordered a service or a system from the late night info-mercials (that are so ever popular) and it worked? Then what? Bealieve it or not there are multiple systems that do takes dedication and a certain commitment to make that certain system, network, service work for you..I mean in all reality that's what the word "Independent" Stands for..making what life gives you work for you."

With the internet these days there is constant competitions between businesses for keywords, top online ranking, popular search terms that make up the key essentials to get a website, product or talent seen visably online which then increases the opportunities that a product or service or talent being marketed can be launched and if campaigned correctly businesses that offer any type of product, service or talent can pass potential competitors without hesitation due to web presence and different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques presenting a online company website(s), product(s) or service(s) ranking it online higher through the intetnets optimization engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) bringing a unlimited traffic source increasing ROI opportunities for any type of business or investor seeking multiple return on investment (ROI) opprotunities on numerous platforms, something that "Maggnetic Music and Media" know far to much about.

Maggnetic Music and Media is the first music and entertainment label introducing social media innovation and technologies that have put Maggnetic Music and Media straight on the music map. DJ Crucial of Maggnetic Music and Media, Rawe Feed Entertainment has left a huge imprint in the music scene by offering needed music distribution, social media, and management that surpasses any similar services or offers other agencies provide. Cosat 2 Coast Mixtape Phenomenon DJ Krucial brings a new look on the hip hop scene with a roster that includesDj Krucial, Leland) Ricardo Parker (Producer Dem Jointz from Bangladesh), The V.I.P.s (Pusha T - What Dreams Are Made Of), Dizzy AKA Raw Di, Dj Strike (Black Sheep), Akios Watson (Shady45), Butta Verses (De La Souls Camp), Chuck Nyce (Lex Lugers Original Camp) and:TFoxx (sound designer for Dr. Dre The Chronic) as well a new artists being developed underneath the Rawe Feed Entertainment umbrella.

Being the first label of its kind to bring social media innovation is not a easy task, with the help of Finacial Advisor John Cornish A.K.A. "The Money Talk Guy" (Bodyguard for the president of NBC) by taking the potential amounts of money being made and tying certain amounts up in trusts protecting the businesse and clients from future meetings with the revenue servive and IRS which is all to familiar within the entertainment and music scene world wide. John Cornish states " The more money you make...the more the IRS wants to step in, individuals need to invest if not all, at least a portion of the money being made so that the individual is protected and later on down the line the individual gets to keep and spend more of the money considering that the money invested gains interest"

Maggnetic Music and Media is at its strongest points, creating a NEW innovative system with leaders who understand what the music and entertainment industry needs. CEO Jerry Lewis explains alongside Maggnetic Music and Media Alicia Beckham (Vice President) " One of the main attributes that is taking place within the entertainment and music industry is that the same rule books that were used and read in the 90s are still being used, with the year being 2013 the 90s playbook will not work, to have a successful business you have to do something different and original, which is a risk by no means..people who have been successful don't want to change up what used to work for them...but with this new digital age the music/entertainment industry constantly is changing, and I'm in the front seat buckled up ready for the ride of new social media innovation and music distribution only Maggnetic Music and Media provide".

Maggnetic Music and Media doesn’t just offer the ability to enhance and products and distrubution, Maggnetic Music and Media have teamed up with Phenom-Videographer Jose Roque (RoqueFellaProductions) bringing his twist to what cinema is missing, the cinematic visual effects/arts, audio streams and camera ability raises the stakes for quality over quanity as the lead director of LA Art Institute Film Department and unleashes the definition of NEW Hollywood and what the NEW ideas of Jose Roque are made of.

Social networking and social media innovations are the key elements to online success, and Maggnetic Music and Media are raising the bars is social media with there own "Micro-Marketing" campagn concepts that have been known to drive unlimited sources of traffic to the designated domains raising alexa rankings and numbers on all social media platforms. One new platform that has caught the eyes of the world is StarPrime shifts the consumer perception of advertising away from “intrusive and disruptive” to “rewarding and beneficial,” which in turn provides the content provider with a focused viewing audience at minimal cost and delivers measurable ROI to the advertiser.

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Maggnetic Music and Media is bringing new ideas, concepts and strategies and brings them to life like non-other, sharing the best interests with the artists making sure the artist ,service or product being distributed gets the maximum exposure that there is which gives a whole new meaning to fan bases and internet presence.

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