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Magic Minutes Crowdfunding Project Launched to Support New App


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- In hopes of reaching their $30,000 goal the makers of the Magic Minutes iOS application have launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. The app will soon be the meeting attendee’s go-to answer for all things organized. “Meetings will always be a part of our lives; at work, at school , at home or even at places like churches or social clubs and associations. And it’s not only for ‘adults’. Having raised 2 teenagers, I realized that children as young as 7 years, are required to meet with their friends to get their projects done or simply to make an event happen.

Those of us who have been through enough meetings will know that the notes taken at a meeting (also known as minutes of meeting or notes of meeting) is the critical instrument to ensure we remember why we made certain decisions and who does what and when; which in turn forms the starting point to achieve the real “business” purpose of the meeting. Otherwise, precious time spent at meetings could be wasted. And those of us who have been through enough meetings will know the pain of taking minutes efficiently, organizing them, tallying or collaborating with the other participants, and of course re-creating some of them into our calendars.

Our thought is, instead of scribbling onto paper notepads and transferring the information all over again into the computer, consumers can just type meeting minutes directly into their iPhone or iPad. Right away they have neatly organized points, action items and sub-points which they can email to themselves or their contacts, presentable and useable minutes for vetting and consolidation without worrying about different versions when there are more than one participant editing the notes at the same time.” said David Ng, CEO of Kurios Theles Business Solutions, Creators of Magic Minutes. Taking convenience one step further the app automatically puts the user’s action items, into the device’s calendar with reminders.

Built for what the company calls “an individual road warrior” but designed to allow collaboration with colleagues, partners and friends the app has no dependence on cloud servers. Designed with the corporate user in mind the app is functional for executives, management, students, teachers, volunteers, committees and corporate CEO’s of households otherwise known as busy mothers.

Some of the benefits of the app are the ability to plan and share an agenda complete with date, time, title, location and attendees either from the user’s contact list or newly supplied contacts. It organizes and classifies points easily and has the ability to color code to give clear visibility at a mere glance. Notations for action items with due dates for automatic insertion into the user’s calendar and the ability to share information with associates without having to scour through email threads (or blogs) saves time. “Magically, the app gives the consumer more productivity for every minute spent in taking minutes - hence our name.” added David.

Very practically, if a Magic Minutes app user walked into a meeting they would launch the app, retrieve the agenda and start taking notes. They could then insert an action item with a due date and a person in charge. Once saved all action items would be auto-created and saved into the calendars of all involved when distributed. The minutes of meeting can be distributed by simply sending the minutes of meeting to them as an Excel or Magic Minutes file. And here’s a big bonus: when various recipients who also have Magic Minutes installed, send it back with changes made, the originator gets clear visibility of what was changed and gets to decide what to do with each change made with just a touch: Modify the original point, Append the change as an additional sub-point, or Reject the change altogether. A final updated set of minutes could then be distributed again.

Mixing technology and strategy since 1997 the makers of the Magic Minutes app, an employee-owned company that’s 100% self-funded, will use the investment donations from the Indiegogo project to finish the remaining ten percent of development on the app. The app will ultimately sell for $4.99. The ultimate perk for the crowdfunding project weighs in at an investment of $1,000 and will provide a thank you of 2000 Magic Minutes devices.

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