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Magline Exhibits CooLift Delivery System Biggest Promise Supporting Innovation at MODEX


Standish, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- The manufacturing industry continues to change. Areas in warehouse automation, SKU proliferation, an increase in alternative store types, and workforce dynamics often necessary route distribution changes that increase productivity and decrease operating costs. The Magline CooLift Delivery System meets the market changes. Magline’s lift-pallet systems offer the biggest promise for supporting product innovation in the marketplace.

As SKUs are proliferating and new outlet types are developed, there is growing concern about the employees performing distribution jobs. Seeking productivity gains, companies have turned to warehouse automation, which is resulting in fewer trucks and trailers out on the road and a potentially shrinking workforce with fewer route distribution drivers. The shrinking workforce means tenured employees tend to stay on the job longer and, as the workforce ages, it becomes more difficult to do the work at the same level with the amount of bending and twisting involved. Best-practice solutions keep dedicated hard-working delivery drivers on the road.

The need to find easier methods for drivers to deliver products at many stops drove the innovation of new (smaller than traditional) half-pallets, such as the Magline CooLift Delivery System. Larger traditional pallets require the assistance of an electric pallet jack, and cannot fit into the back rooms of most convenience stores. Smaller pallets allow for a distribution process of “hybrid” routes, tailored to the realities of the common variety delivery model.

Managing the supply chain, from warehouse to retail is often overlooked; this phase of logistics represents a significant opportunity to improve productivity, profitability, and implement lean processes, most important to material handling supply chain professionals.

Magline is exhibiting at the largest expo, MODEX, for the manufacturing and supply chain industries. Attendees visiting Magline Booth #2531 will learn about the Magline CooLift Delivery System innovation in Atlanta, GA on March 17-20, 2014.

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Magline, Inc. ( manufactures a complete line of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions under the Magliner brand. Recently named one of the Great Supply Chain Projects of 2013 according to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Magliner solutions are used in the beer, soft drink, food service, parcel delivery, home healthcare, and other distribution industries. Magline also offers implementation consulting and solutions for reducing service times and eliminating waste during deliveries. Magline, the manufacturer of the innovative CooLift Delivery System, allows distributors to deliver more product in less time, combining an easily maneuverable and high capacity hydraulic lifting truck with integrated plastic “half” pallets for improved safety and efficiency. Founded in 1947, Magline continues to lead the industry in manufacturing hand trucks. The innovative designs of two-wheel hand trucks, convertible hand trucks, bulk delivery trucks, special application trucks, and ramps are durable and enhance workplace safety. Magline on Twitter at @MaglineInc.

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