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Magnesium May Be Nature's Healing Gift Against Anxiety


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2016 -- There are several psychological issues that affect millions of people nowadays, and one is anxiety. Pharmaceutical drugs are often used to help anxiety sufferers, but there are also natural remedies believed to be helpful against the condition.

Magnesium may be nature's healing gift against anxiety. This condition is normally not something that people want to address through prescription medication. While pharmaceutical drugs are not necessarily bad, they can side effects and increase addition risk.

What makes them even more disadvantageous is that they do not have the ability to cure the condition. Thus, it is easy for consumers to assume that the disadvantages they can potentially cause can outweigh the benefits.

Natural remedies, such as magnesium, are highly preferred for several reasons. Magnesium is believed to not just treat anxiety, but also reduce the need to take prescription medications in the future. Anxiety sufferers may then be able to reduce their risk of side effects and dependency.

While pharmaceutical drugs are less likely to kill consumers, they can dull their ability to feel nervous. This side effects could be disadvantageous when a person is in a dangerous or alarming situation.

Magnesium can be abundantly found in food. As a matter of fact, centuries ago, it is rich in the American diet. Unfortunately over time, the practices of food processing stripped enormous amounts of magnesium from most diets. This increased the number of individuals who are magnesium deficient.

In various studies, it was found that magnesium deficiency has been linked to several mental health problems, which include anxiety. It is also important to note that stress levels have been thought to affect magnesium.

Several studies reveal that in times of extreme stress, more magnesium is used up by the body. This is believed to increase the number of people who are magnesium deficient. Deficiency in magnesium has been linked with anxiety.

In a study in France, the researchers had 264 individuals with generalized anxiety disorder as participants. It was found that a number of men and women, which is statistically significant, reported certain improvements on their magnesium regimen.

Another study reveals that magnesium has a positive effect on depression. It is important to remember that both anxiety and depression are usually associated with each other as they are often a result of disaster thinking and fatigue.

Individuals who suffer from anxiety may turn to magnesium supplementation. This can potentially help increase their magnesium levels in the body.

In addition to supplements, there are also magnesium oil sprays available in the market today (

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