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Magnetic Messaging Releases New "Key Lock Sequence" for 2014

Magnetic Messaging program reveals the secrets to texting for love and lust while avoiding rejection, humiliation, and disappointment.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- Texting. Texting has become a necessary part of building relationships, but how does one build meaningful relationships through texting. Is it possible? Now it's more possible than ever thanks to Bobby Rio and his comprehensive program Magnetic Messaging. The Magnetic Messaging program is designed specifically for guys that desire how to learn to text women while avoiding all the common mistakes made during texting.

“I tried a few messages,” says ecstatic user Tracey G., “and got instant responses. It was highly exhilarating. I just felt so POWERFUL suddenly.”

Magnetic Messaging is a guide aimed at beginners in the dating scene who desire success at picking up women. The guide focuses the user on how to formulate a text message to achieve a specific desired outcome such as building a connection or to set a woman's emotions raging. The ultimate point is to use texting as if one was talking to a woman one-on-one through specifics.

The Magnetic Messaging program is on point and easy to understand. It also comes with many bonuses such as:

4 Types of “Inside Jokes”. These will open her eyes to the idea that each “gets” one another and increase her desire to see user.

That get her to share personal info ensuring you get the date

How to pack a text full of personality to get her laughing

What stops a woman cold, sparks an emotion, and makes her interested.

Picking up women in a digital world doesn't have to be complicated. Bobby Rio's Magnetic Messaging Program will have users developing a new personal magnetism through text messaging in no time, even for someone who isn't used to technology or has never texted before, this program will have them texting like a pro.

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