Maharlika Hall & Sports Grill - Largest Filipino Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Coming soon is the largest Filipino based asian restaurant in Jacksonville. The purpose of this Florida based restaurant is not only to introduce great Filipino food in Jacksonville but also to provide a venue for Filipino artists and Filipino Music. This makes the Maharlika Hall & Sports Grill Restaurant one of the premier cultural destinations available in Northeast Florida. Whether they are providing good culturally based meals, or entertainment from Filipino performers, this restaurant will give any person from the Philippines a taste of home as well as introduce people from other cultures to what the Philippines are all about.

The opening of the Maharlika Hall & Sports Grill on March 2, 2013 is a big deal. This is the biggest Asian restaurant in Jacksonville. Amongst the reasons why this is so important, is because this restaurant will literally be the largest of its kind in Northeast Florida. Physically, this restaurant is record breaking in terms of its physical size. With that claim to fame, and the Maharlika's promotion of cross culture diversity, this is a place that may truly go down in history as one of the world's premier entertainment complex venues. The food is also guaranteed to be of top-grade quality, and very good.

March 2, 2013 marks the historic opening of the largest performance venue for Filipino Music and Filipino artists, as well as the largest place for Filipino food in Jacksonville. Whether you are craving the unique flavors of the Philippines, looking to try something new, or even longing for home, Maharlika Hall & Sports Grill serves both Lunch and Dinner. Further, in order to provide more convenient and accessible services to their customers, the people at the Maharlika Hall & Sports Grill restaurant also offer catering services to ensure that your party, or event has the best possible foods available. The products and services provided by this establishment are both prolific and delectable.

This restaurant also enjoys giving back to the community. The principle aim of this place of business is to establish itself as a corner stone within the Filipino community. The venue hall can be rented in order to provide individuals, businesses, or other entities with a fantastic place to gather and meet. Maharlika Hall & Sports Grill is also involved with numerous nonprofit organizations, whom they support through funding contributions and other methods. These nonprofit organizations are designed to help those in need who live in the surrounding communities. They also promote the efforts of local musicians, such as the resident performance group, The Sunchase Band.

This restaurant is the place to be. It is a highly specialized and unique experience for both visitors, as well as those who are native to the Philippines.Whatever your needs happen to be, Maharlika Hall & Sports Grill wants to offer you a classy and tasteful option. After years of active community involvement, this restaurant has been built with the intention of expanding that involvement. In order to properly express the vision and the ideals behind this new establishment, following are some customer testimonials to check out.

“Maharlika has served the Filipino/American community of Northeast Florida for many years now. I'm excited that they now have a restaurant to share their Filipino/American cuisine!” - Armand Panganiban

“Often I miss family that are still in the Philippines. I've been waiting for a new place, to make new friends, and where I can feel right at home.” - Ray Sales

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