Maid Naturally

Maid Naturally Offers Environment-Friendly Cleaning Services Employing Green Cleaning Products


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- Maid Naturally offers environment-friendly cleaning services, employing green cleaning products made up of natural ingredients. The natural maid cleaners in Spokane use their own range of green cleaning products which are powerful enough to clean like most other traditional cleaners with less harmful effects on the home and the environment. Their green cleaning products emit a natural and pleasing scent that is usually preferable to breathe than other products. has been in the housekeeping business for years and has been operating with environment-friendly cleaning practices. You can expect their Green Cleaners in Spokane WA to use environment-friendly cleaning products. Their natural cleaners in Spokane remove dirt and germs from every corner and surface of the house, ensuring a clean and healthy living environment.

While talking about their range of green products, a spokesperson stated, “Maid Naturally Commercial Products will fit the need if you are looking for a Green Product that is truly Green. We disclose all of our ingredients right here on the bottle. Maid Naturally Products were created around a Professional Maid Service. These are the products we use to clean over 340 homes a month. They work, smell good and don't create a hazardous work environment for your staff.”

The natural cleaning products used by their Green Cleaners in Spokane WA are safer to use around children or pets, do not emit any noxious odors and are safe to use on almost every kind of surface, depending on the specific product. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, they take care of every part of the home.

Maid Naturally is a unique maid service created in Spokane, WA. They vacuum and hand-wash all floors and baseboards and also clean windows. They have a full window service that they operate during the summer months. They are fully licensed and bonded as well as insured. Their cleaning service has professionally trained staff, who are educated and knowledgeable about company policies and procedures. Every week, every other week or monthly service, any of them are fine for them. They also offer one time cleanings for parties or special events.

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