Mail in Mobile Teams with Hope Phones Charity to Supply Cell Phones

Helps Advance Healthcare While Eliminating E-Waste


Pembroke Pines, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2014 -- Mail In Mobile ( just donated 62 cell phones to the Hope Phones charity, in an innovative way to fund the global efforts of Medic Mobile, an organization that works to advance healthcare in 16 different countries with mobile technology.

Everyone has a mobile device and in the U.S., on average most customers upgrade their device every 18 months. So the question becomes, what happens to their old device? Half a million cell phones are discarded daily within the United States polluting our environment with toxins such as lead, nickel, beryllium, and cadmium. Recycling cell phones through Mail in Mobile, which helps charities such as Hope Phones, reduces hazardous waste within our communities in a responsible manner, while also helping provide a real public health benefit abroad.

“I wanted to make the donation," stated Cairo, "so that we can help connect people in need of medical care with those who can help."

Mail in Mobile buys used cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, and tablets from businesses and individuals and in turn, finds a second home for them keeping those devices away from our already overloaded landfills.

"We’re glad," Cairo further stated, "that there are other organizations out there helping to recycle discarded electronic equipment and making a dent in the e-waste problem facing our planet."

About Mail in Mobile
Founded by Miguel A. Cruz Cairo in 2008, Mail in Mobile began buying and selling cell phones from inside an 11x13 bedroom. Today,, is an R MAAC International company and is now internationally recognized for serving customers around the world. The company’s goal is answering the call to get the message out about the e-waste problem we are facing today and reducing it by keeping as many cell phones as possible away from our landfills.

Even if a phone has no monetary value, Mail in Mobile will happily recycle the item while the phone’s owner can take pride in knowing their electronic item isn’t adding to a landfill somewhere.

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