Mail Service Promoting a Paperless Environment Looks for 1000 Beta Testers

Mailboxio promises to relieve the burden of regular mail with a mail service so subscribers can quickly organize personal and business correspondence online.


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Mailboxio announces its search for 1000 beta testers to make its dream of a paperless life come true. At one time or another everyone has wished that it could be possible to merge regular mail and the Internet into one seamless mail service, making regular mail similar to email. Now Mailboxio offers to make the merging of regular mail and the Internet a reality. The Mailboxio mail service will take regular paper mail and turn it into a graphic image, so all correspondence of every kind goes right to the Internet into the users Mailboxio account.

Mailboxio works by taking in regular mail, and sending scanned images of the mail to a subscriber's account. First, Mailboxio receives all of a subscriber's regular mail, where first an image of the cover of each piece of mail is scanned and forwarded to the subscriber's account. The subscriber can then chose from several options. Mailboxio can be instructed to either scan the full contents and send all images to the account, forward the piece of regular mail to the physical home address, delete & recycle the physical piece of mail, or use the feature called "do not notify me of mail from this sender". The "do not notify me . . ." function works to quickly contain and eliminate junk mail by making sure a subscriber never sees it again. When chosen, no other piece of mail from a "do not notify" source will be scanned and sent again to the subscriber. Any further pieces from the source will get recycled.

The mail service stores all scans of regular mail so a subscriber can return to his or her account at any time and retrieve the scan. This feature eliminates the risk common to deleting a piece of email, or losing a piece of regular mail.

Mail remains secure and confidential with Mailboxio. Mailboxio agents are background checked, trained and all employees at every level sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Ease-of-use sits at the top of Mailboxio's priorities. The Mailboxio app for smartphones allows for easy and quick filtering of mail by the subscriber. Images can be quickly viewed by scrolling through a column of mail cover images, and with one swipe instructions sent to Mailboxio so they know what to do with each piece of mail.

Mailboxio seeks 1000 beta testers for their service. The sign-up can be found by going to

Mailboxio is a mail services provider offering mail forwarding and sorting services with the aim of facilitating a paperless environment for its subscribers.

Milwaukee, WI