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Maintaining GI Heath: What Everyone Should Know About Colon and Rectal Polyps

Summary: Dr. Peyton P. Berookim is a beverly hills based gastroenterologist specialising in the identification of colon and rectal polyps through colonoscopy procedures. His office is located at 150 N. Robertson Blvd in Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and Dr. Berookim can be reached at 310-271-1122.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Many people remain unaware of the risks that colon and rectal polyps can cause when left untreated, even though they are a fairly common occurrence. Colon and rectal polyps are defined as abnormal growths in the lining of the large intestine or rectal canal. They occur in around 15 to 20 percent of adults, making them the most common conditions affecting the colon and rectum. For those over the age of 50 the risk is higher, which is why medical professionals recommend undergoing an investigative colonoscopy once a year to identify and remove polyps. Although they are likely to be benign initially, there is always a risk that they will develop into cancer at some stage. It is very hard to predict when they may become cancerous which is why investigative treatment involving a colonoscopy is the best preventative measure.

Seeing a professional in the field of gastroenterology such as Dr. Berookim of the Beverly Hills based Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California will further the chances of a successful detection and removal of any polyps which are found.

It is important to know what the main symptoms of colon and rectal polyps are in order to know when seeing a doctor is required. Symptoms may include: mucous discharge, blood in stool, fatigue due to loss of blood, diarrhea and abdominal pain (the latter two are rare).

Generally speaking however, symptoms of polyps often do not occur, which is why it is important to undergo a colonoscopy with a gastroenterologist like Dr. Brookim to ensure the health of the digestive tract. As an expert in the field, Beverly Hills based Dr. Berookim has extensive experience leading to a higher success rate and higher patient satisfaction.

Before undergoing a colonoscopy, he takes the time to understand all patients medical history through personal consultation and answer any questions they may have regarding the procedure in detail. Colonoscopies last around 30 minutes and are extremely effective in providing a vast amount of information about colorectal health while also having a stand-alone therapeutic benefit.

For further information about colon and rectal polyps and their treatment, or any other inquires regarding gastrointestinal health, Dr. Berookim and his staff are happy to be contacted directly.

His team can be contacted on 310-271-1122. Or through the website of the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California.