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Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in African Mining 2014 Report by Market Research Store

Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in African Mining 2014


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Synopsis

In July to September 2014, Timetric surveyed 108 mine managers, maintenance managers, procurement managers and other key decision-makers in over 100 operating African mines. The survey primarily assessed the maintenance and equipment support preferences provided by original equipment manufacturers and independent third party companies.

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Areas of analysis include:
Customer preferences for choosing maintenance and aftermarket support structure. These include opting for either original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or independent third party providers.

Analysis of respondents who use OEMs or third party providers in respect to three equipment parts categories: strategic parts, non-strategic parts and for all processing related equipment. These responses are analysed between regions, commodity, company size and mine type.

After-sales equipment support is divided between four types available: work with me, do it for me, do it myself and other. With each category showing a varied approach by equipment manufacturers in the support they provide to end users of their products. These responses are also divided by commodity, mine type, company size and by region.

Respondents were asked to rate their equipment providers over a range of different areas. Each category was given a rating of importance by the respondents. Then the categories were also rated in terms of the provider's performance. The report looks at two important areas, service and repair capabilities, and maintenance and service costs. With respondent ratings of importance directly compared with their ratings for provider performance.

Three types of service contracts we then outlined. Maintenance only, operation and maintenance, and life cycle management. Preferences for the support structure offered by their equipment provider are divided into mine type, company size, and region.

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Executive summary

Overall trends in the data revealed:
African mines use OEMs for aftermarket service and maintenance over 75% of the time. OEM use is much higher for strategic parts with 95% in comparison to non-strategic parts with 80%. Processing equipment uses OEMs 75% of the time.

More than 50% of surface mining operations use independent third parties in some way. In comparison, less than 30% of underground mines use third party companies in their mining operations.
The most preferred service contracts are operation and maintenance with 38% of the responses. Life cycle management comes in next with 30%.


This report provides detailed analysis of maintenance and aftermarket preferences in the African mining sector. The analysis is based upon Timetric's survey of 108 mine managers, procurement managers, and other key decision-makers, and focuses in particular on the services provided by original equipment manufacturers and independent third parties.

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