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MAISPACE Is Now Offering Modern Cubicles in New York


Mount Olive, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2012 -- MAISPACE announces the availability of modern cubicles to businesses in New York. The company is the leading manufacturer of affordable moveable walls, panel systems, office furniture, desk systems and frame and tile systems.

The right kind of office furniture can make a dramatic difference in any office space. Businesses enjoy making the most out of the space that they have with the use of panel systems and moveable walls. MAISPACE is making the business of building a unique office space easier than ever and more affordable. With dozens of products and nationwide distribution and showrooms, MAISPACE is certain to offer the right pieces to create a dream office for any business.

Cubicles in New York offices can be quickly created, changed and removed with the use of the MAISPACE system. Whether businesses are looking for the professional look of moveable glass walls for a law firm or medical offices or are seeking a simple panel system for call centers or corporate offices, MAISPACE has a solution. There are many benefits to choosing moveable walls and affordable office furniture from MAISPACE. The company is based in Mount Olive, NJ and is a subsidiary of Modular Architectural Interiors. This company is known for its innovative moveable glass wall designs that offer better sound barrier and better quality pieces at a more affordable price for business owners.

Saving money on New York cubicles is at the top of many business owners to-do lists. With the high price of office space, saving money on tile, flooring, cubicle space, moveable walls and office furniture is an important factor. MAISPACE frame and tile system, furniture options and moveable wall systems have received several awards and recognition for their ingenuity and quality.

MAISPACE is a New Jersey based company that provides modern cubicles, movable walls and affordable office furniture for office spaces. The company has nationwide distribution throughout the United States and Canada. More information about MAISPACE is available at http://www.maispace.com. For more information on MAISPACE modern cubicles available in New York, contact Mark Bassil via email at mbassil@maispace.com or phone at (866) 634-1001.