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MAISpace Products Now Offers State of the Art Cubicles in Los Angeles


Mount Olive, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2012 -- Modular Architectural Interiors announces the availability of their state of the art cubicles in Los Angeles. MAISpace is a full line of wall and tile systems to fit every business need. The company is the leading manufacturer of modular walls, cubical systems and office furniture. MAISpace products can also be shipped anywhere in the in country.

Companies small and large will enjoy the affordability, customization and flexibility of MAISpace cubicles in Los Angeles. This product was awarded the “Best of NeoCon” in 2002. It offers a variety of styles, sizes and features that help business owners get more bang for their buck when buying these units. Frame and tile systems are used in offices around the world to create small cubical workspaces that are functional and have the ability to be changed around if necessary. The units from MAISpace are specially designed to be a cut above the rest. Each piece is fashioned with a 3 ½ inch finished frame which is constructed of durable 16-guage cold rolled steel. This added feature allows for the pieces to offer exceptional strength and rigidity when compared to similar models.

MAISpace features cubicles in Los Angeles for both on modular and off modular design. The off modular set up provides flexibility in the workspace while offering the industry’s highest Sound Transmission Class (STC) for any panel system. Modular Architectural Interiors also offers business owners the option to add their sound masking system to any office units provided. This is a low cost but effective way to block out background noise in a busy workspace. It is ideal for open floor plan work spaces.

Businesses that choose MAISpace cubicles in Los Angeles will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of fabrics and finishes. The company offers laminates in colors such as frosty white and fashion gray as well as woodgrain textures. The PVC edge finishes can also be customized to fit the needs of any business look. With customizable panel fabrics in colors such as Zirconia and Spinel, the seamless design of these frame and tile systems will create a professional workplace with seamless design.

About Modular Architectural Ineriors
Modular Architectural Interiors is the leading manufacturer of office walls, cubicle systems and office furniture throughout the United States and Canada. The company focuses on producing the highest quality units at a price that is affordable for the business owner. More information on MAISpace products or the company can be found by visiting http://www.maispace.com. For more information please contact Mark Bassil via email at mbassil@maispace.com or phone at (973) 446-2300.