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MAISPACE Releases Cutting-edge Alur Glass and Modular Walls System


Mount Olive, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2012 -- MAISPACE is the leading manufacturer of comprehensive glass and modular walls. The ALUR product line represents cutting-edge technology that transforms the way businesses function. ALUR modular walls are the winner of “Best of NeoCon” 2010. Each unit is made with 1/2 –inch tempered glass, polycarbonate “dry joints” and minimal top and bottom channels. These glass walls are designed to be durable and provide superior sound attenuation when compared to similar models.

MAISPACE offers their award-winning ALUR glass and modular walls to businesses through out the country with their nationwide distribution through the United States and Canada. The high-quality dry joints are fabricated with polycarbonate resin which is 93% clear and will not fade or shrink during sun exposure. Each piece of glass wall features a unique tongue and groove design which secures the pieces in place and provides a superior sound barrier. Additionally, it helps maintain the integrity of the glass which is likely to bow over time without the interlocking grooves that have been created by MAISPACE.

Moveable modular walls offer numerous benefits to business owners. Primarily, these are chosen because they offer privacy and a customizable space all in one. Numerous ceiling and floor tracks can be laid for ALUR glass walls which allow business owners to combine offices during large projects or create new office space when needed, with ease. All products from MAISPACE are affordably priced and designed to solve the real office space problems of today. These units require minimal framing and come with the optional MAI sound masking system installation. This feature is cost effective and masks background noise inside of office shells in office spaces that have open workstations. MAISPACE is the ultimate choice for glass and moveable walls for offices anywhere in the United States and Canada.

MAISPACE is a New Jersey based company that provides modern cubicles, movable walls and affordable office furniture for office spaces. The company has nationwide distribution throughout the United States and Canada. More information about MAISPACE is available at http://www.maispace.com. For more information on MAISPACE modern cubicles available in New York, contact Mark Bassil via email at mbassil@maispace.com or phone at (866) 634-1001.