MaitakeGold 404 Informs Audiences with Infographic


Brattleboro, VT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- The parent company of MaitakeGold 404®, a patented Maitake mushroom extract, has created an educational infographic to teach their audience about the all-natural product. As the internet evolves, visual communication becomes more important in order to be heard in the growing cacophony. Multimedia and visual representations of data have never been more important and Infographics help communicate information. In addition to the progression of social media, infographics are becoming the new way to market and promote relevant and important information.

Infographics are poster-like images that feature a mixture of text and graphics. They are a visual representation of relevant data, making hard facts or statistics easier to read and understand. With today’s busy society in a constant time crunch, the infographic gets right to the point and is quick and easy to read.

Humans are known to be visual creatures, so it’s easy to see why the infographic does so well. Main points and facts are presented in short sentences or bullet points instead of bland, long paragraphs. Fun graphics, graphs and charts show statistics in a way that is easy to follow and understand. One of the main selling points of infographics are that they take little time to read, especially compared to a lengthy article or video.

The goal of the MaiktakeGold 404® infographic is to lay out key features and information about Maitake mushroom extract and its benefits. Dr. Nanba was at the forefront of Maitake mushroom research and studying its immunopotentiating activity. His extract is sold under the patented MaitakeGold 404® name. This supplement ingredient is available for use in a variety of supplement and beverage products.

Each infographic is created for a specific audience. Some focus more on potential consumers, while others focus on their current and niche customer base. For example, MaitakeGold 404® created an infographic to target nutraceutical companies. The infographic presents research about the extract, products that contain the extract and positive results of clinical trials. By including more of the scientific data and research, this graphic can be understood by and attract attention by companies that are interested in manufacturing products that contain MaiktakeGold 404®.

About MaiktakeGold 404
MaitakeGold 404® is GRAS affirmed and may be utilized as either the active, standalone ingredient or as a complementary ingredient in various dietary supplement immune support formulations, as well as food and beverage products. It can be incorporated into tablets, capsules, stick packs, effervescents, drinks, bars, and more.

Media Contact: Shana Silverman