Maitland FL Chiropractor Says Chiropractic Care Does Not Work

Maitland Florida chiropractor, Dr. Erik Roach says that chiropractic care does not work. He reveals why his own specialty doesn't work for people.


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- It’s not every day that you hear a chiropractor saying that what they do does not work. However,   there is a little twist to that. When we asked Dr. Erik Roach, owner of Roach Family Chiropractic, if chiropractic care really does work, he responded:  “ No, it does not work for people who are not open minded and are not willing to seek new or different treatments, if someone is suffering from a certain pain then they owe it to themselves to see what their options are and experience chiropractic care for themselves. Only then, will they see that chiropractic care does work and completely fall in love with the treatments we provide.”

In other words, if you do not try chiropractic care then of course it will not work for you, not until you actually give it a chance to seek treatment and try it. Chiropractic care is a specialized realm within the health care system; it does not just focus on curing body pains but also supports the over-all well being of your entire body. Some people do not believe in chiropractic care simply because they have never experienced the power of it but over the years, millions up millions of testimonial proof have been stacking up that chiropractic care can be the true solution that will help you.

Dr. Roach is considered one of the top Maitland chiropractors in Florida and if you visit his website you will see that he has the testimonial proof to back it up. You always hear in the news media of a new pill that does this and does that and promises the world but not until recently do people realize that these pills simply act like pain relievers that do not eliminate the source of your pain, they simply mask it temporarily. Remember, chiropractic care discovers the source of your pain and eliminates it.

Dr. Roach hopes that if Obama care is forced into action then the medical industry will fully acknowledge chiropractic treatment and he will be able to help more people that are suffering. Regardless of what happens under our U.S. President and his policies, Dr. Roach shared that he and his office will do everything they can to help people find the right insurance for someone who does not have any but as of right now Roach Family Chiropractic accepts all types of insurance. You can visit his website here:

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