Major Development Moving Forward in Australia, Attempting Purchase of Domain


Wentworth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- A major commercial development in Australia, under the name Bothell Landing, is moving forward and promises to be one of the biggest retail and entertainment venues on the continent.

“We are currently negotiating land purchases in some of the most exclusive areas of Australia,” said John Gandel, the driving force behind the development. "We are determined to build one of the most beautiful public spaces in all of Australia which will boost tourism, and local enterprise considerably."

Bothell means “great heights and equally great depths.” Landing comes from the English word meaning “an instance of coming or bringing something to land, from the air or water.”

“We feel Bothell Landing describes our vision perfectly,” Mr. Gandel said. “It will be a place that has immense reach in all directions and will be a destination location for native Aussie travelers and the world travelers who visit our nation every year.”

In order to attraction global attention, Mr. Gandel said Bothell Landing will only consider businesses which can prove they are the best in their areas. This covers shopping, entertainment and food.

“We plan to have some of the finest restaurants around, serving the best cuisine from around the world. Australia has long been known as a food epicurean’s delight, but many other places in the world also offer amazing food. We want our visitors to have a global food experience when they come to Bothell Landing.”

Mr. Gandel said initial discussions are underway with food and retail businesses but he said the main priority right now is acquiring the property and then setting up the development.

“We have plenty of time to negotiate contracts with the retail establishments that will be the heart of Bothell Landing,” he said. “Several international companies have approached us already about having one of their stores in this exciting new venue.”

He said more announcements will be made as new information becomes available.

“We cannot discuss in detail our ongoing contractual negotiations. But when we have the paperwork signed and both sides are ready to make an announcement, we will do so,” he said.

The development is also working on buying the domain from the current domain owners.

Contact info: Offices of James dearborne, 1A Wentworth Pl, Austrailia