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Major Group Dental Service Organizations (DSO) Switches to Smile Perfected

Another undisclosed DSO has switched to using Smile Perfected's 20-Minute Whitening SystemTM, citing the product is easier to use and offers more customer support than alternative teeth whitening products.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2016 -- Smile Perfected™ has announced another undisclosed group DSO has switched to providing the Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System™ in their offices, further strengthening their position as the preferred product among group dental practices looking to increase hygiene revenue.

The group practice preferred to remain anonymous, but the excitement is palpable in the Smile Perfected offices.

"We have incredible momentum right now. Small oral health care groups as well as large group practices understand how perfectly suited our Prophy Plus Experience™ is to help them dramatically increase their hygiene revenues without upsetting their current processes," stated Dr. William Balanoff D.D.S., dentist and founder of Smile Perfected.

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It's no wonder dentistry's group dental services organizations prefer the product. Unlike alternatives, Smile Perfected is well known for offering free marketing support, consistent office interaction (a success relationship which doesn't simply end after an initial sale), training and unparalleled office team support.

"It's all very exciting, practice managers looking for a real partnership offering real value have caught on to how we can uniquely help them succeed" added Dr. Balanoff when asked about the success of Smile Perfected.

Large DSO-managed group practices are a growing force for delivery of oral health care according to a PubMed study. Even leading some to believe solo practices, small private practices and small-group partnerships providing dental services will become less common in the near future.

"We are in the dental practice success business ultimately. We created the perfect product to fit their needs, to grow hygiene revenue and provide patients an effective whitening after a prophy treatment in less time." added Dr. Balanoff.

The Smile Perfected Prophy Plus system integrates effortlessly into a dental offices current process, requires no doctor time or extended chair times to raise hygiene revenues, and patients love it. Patient satisfaction is increased - they get whiter teeth without the discomfort associated with alternatives.

Dr. Balanoff D.D.S., founder and creator of the product was no stranger to what a dental practice needs to be successful, having been an owner of a small group of successful dental offices himself.

The company set out to create a in-office teeth whitening system which makes sense to the Doctor, hygienist and office team, as well as the patient. The Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System provides dentists a powerful means to dramatically and consistently grow office hygiene revenues without disrupting current workflows.

About Smile Perfected
Smile Perfected was established in 2014 by Dr. William Balanoff. Dental products include the Smile Perfected 20 Minute Whitening System™, designed to fit seamlessly into an offices current patient process after a prophy. Imagine a patient getting a quick, noticeably whiter smile with a non-invasive dental service…no drilling, no shots… just whiter teeth in 20 minutes for a recommended cost to the patient of $99. The Prophy Plus™ process dramatically increases hygiene revenue with no additional Doctor time, and is sensitivity free, patients love it. To learn more visit:

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