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Major Increase in Council Tax Debt Advice Enquiries Reports Simple Financial Solutions


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Leading debt solutions provider Simple Financial Solutions (SimpleFS.co.uk) has reported a 21% increase in enquiries for Council Tax debt advice in the first quarter of 2014, forcing them to upscale and restructure operations to cope with the demand.

Council Tax support provides a discount for householders on low incomes, and varies from council to council. The level of support also is highly dependent on individuals circumstances and is meant to help people who are on a low income be able to pay their council tax. Just how much support an applicant will get depends upon their circumstances. This support is available to people regardless as to whether or not they are working but levels will vary from council to council.

Gary Morris, Operations Manager for the Debt Management Provider by saying; “Council tax debt has now overtaken personal loans, credit cards and utilities debt to be the number one reason people come to us for assistance with their debts”. In addition, almost one in five people struggling with their council tax arrears. These people are also likely to be struggling with other debts including personal loans (24%), and credit or store cards (16%) and are forced to take out debt solutions such as Scottish Trust Deeds and Debt Management Plans".

Debt Charity, The Citizens Advice Bureau mirrored this by reporting similar increases of 17 per cent up on the same period last year. According to CAB, across the UK there are 27,000 people in council tax arrears who have received aid in the beginning of 2014. This is a 17% upswing over this time last year.

More and more people across the UK are struggling to make their council tax payments and are finding themselves are the wraith of bailiffs. People are seeking out debt write off solutions such as an IVA, Trust Deeds and Personal Insolvency Arrangements to ease the burden of their ever mounting debts.

Gary Morris added; "It's imperative that anybody struggling with their Council Tax payments to seek advice immediately. If you fall too far with repayments Councils will not hesitate to send in bailiffs to seize goods and assets".

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