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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- With fast growing availability of smart handheld devices and the rise of wearable devices in 2013, an increased number of people are accessing services and resources via the Internet. As devices head towards compact and stylish designs, demand for server rooms has escalated, imposing heavy computational load on the back-end servers. Leading Internet service providers continued to make investments in data centers in 2013 in order to support a variety of services and the ever-growing subscriber base. This report "Recap on 2013 Major Worldwide Datacenter Investments" presents the status of leading vendors’ data center investments in 2013 with highlighted discoveries.

Table of Contents

1. Leading Vendors' Data Center Investments in 2013
1.1 General Development
1.2 New Business Model Based on Acquisition and Leasing
1.3 Ever-changing Cooling and Power-efficiency Technologies

MIC Perspectives

Industrial RestructuringProvision of Complete Solutions


List of Tables

Table 1 Leading Vendors' Data Center Investments in 2013

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