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Mark Van Wormer is a dedicated physician who offers medical assistance to a rural village in Uganda, and for this worthy cause donations are urgently required


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- A number of studies conducted by the World Health Organization and other institutions reveal that people from Uganda have the least access to primary health care facilities. As a result, they are constantly compelled to live under the threat of dangerous diseases. Mark Van Wormer, the owner of and a well-known physician, is presently running a fundraiser with a mission to offer medical assistance and support to the people from a small village in Uganda.

Twice a year, Mark Van Wormer visits Uganda and works in hospitals as a volunteer. Noble hearts from across the world can contribute generously to this worthy cause by visiting the GoFundMe page of Mark.

Each donation is expected to help this medical practitioner in making a trip to Uganda for the purpose of helping those who require medical care. According to a major study conducted by the Directorate of Social Protection, about 67% of the people in Uganda live in extreme poverty. The government of the country has been striving to eradicate this condition by improving the growth of economy through various strategies.

However, the health care area is showing no development, mainly because of the unavailability of resources. Contributors from all over the world are encouraged to be a part of this valuable cause as only this can save hundreds of valuable lives.

Mark Van Wormer is said to have supported the people of Uganda during the past with a number of major operations, which include Splenectomies, C Sections, Hernia Surgery and Thyroidectomies. He has even provided effective and successful surgical care to patients with limited equipment.

The trips of this physician are arranged by an organization named Mercy Trips that promotes medically oriented missions. The well-known Affiliate Marketing Management company AMWSO and its team are considered the top contributors to the Medical mission of Mark Van Wormer.

People who wish to join hands for this worthy cause by way of donations can submit an expression of interest through the AMWSO contact page. New as well as existing affiliates of AMWSO can also offer commissions via the official website of the company by the end of the year 2013.

Those who are interested in aiding Doctor Wormer’s cause through donations or other unique and creative ways, please visit

About Mark Van Wormer
Mark Van Wormer owns one of the leading and popular online retail stores for skin and beauty care products, named Great Skin. He also raises funds to provide medical care and assistance to needy people from a small village in Uganda.

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