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Make-Do-and-Mend Culture Making a Comeback


Harrogate, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2016 -- When something breaks, what do you do? Your handbag strap, the zip on your trousers, the buttons on your shirt... If your first thought is to go out and replace the item, you are far from alone. Studies have proven that the majority of people in the UK simply get rid of faulty items regardless of the fact that it would be much more cost effective to be repaired.

Even for people who don't have the patience to mend their clothes, there are people out there that will fix them for you, for incredibly low costs. However, in the majority of cases fixing techniques can be picked up quickly and once got the hang of can be completed numerous times effortlessly. The number of people utilising Make-Do-And-Mend has increased recently and is still on the rise and this can only be seen as a positive.

A spokesperson from leading fabric supplier The Remnant House was keen to comment saying, "It is great to see more and more people starting to fix their clothing items as opposed to chucking them out and replacing them. Not only that but mending items can be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. We offer a range of amazing fabrics and sewing materials for anyone looking to give Make-Do-And-Mend a go too."

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The Remnant House offer a wide range of high quality fabrics to help people craft their own clothing, home furnishings and accessories.

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