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Make Every Photograph Last Longer with Proper Picture Framing

Each and every person has that momentous part of their life captured through the lenses of the camera and developed in glossy papers. Owners often flaunt these photos by putting them in a frame that they hang in their walls or displayed on table tops. There are instances that these photos are transformed into paintings making it harder to preserve. What’s the best way to maintain these photos’ aesthetics? – Proper picture framing.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- It’s really absurd that most photographs and artworks are printed over a material that inherently lacks durability. They are printed on paper, which can be easily damaged. Without proper handling, paper can be torn, stained, faded, crumpled or stretched. Improper framing and display techniques – which are supposed to protect the piece – may cause or worsen any of these problems. Once these precious pieces are damaged, it won’t get better on its own and chances are the damage may be irreparable. These damages however, can be prevented by proper framing.

Basically, a paper is made from wood pulp that naturally contains acidic compounds, which will eventually turn the paper yellow and will become brittle over time. Matting and mounting boards also contain acid threatening the artworks or photos framed with them. Excessive exposure to heat or sunlight will expedite the breakdown of the paper from acidity and may cause artworks to fade. Humidity encourages the growth of mold or mildew which my further damage the photos and artworks.

Also, the use of adhesives put the aesthetics of the photos and artworks at risk, for these cause staining. Cellophane tapes and masking tapes are convenient to use, but they both cause stain. Even the ones labeled as “archival quality” may damage these precious pieces. These stains may or may not be removable.

With all these threats, one should equip himself with the knowledge of proper picture framing or perhaps seek the help of a professional to assure that the photos and artworks will maintain its aesthetics for years to come. Quality framing practices are designed to prevent photos, artworks and even documents from getting damaged. Proper framing makes use of materials designed not to harm the artwork and repelling the environmental elements that may damage them.

567 Gallery knows the framing business, and is the top picture framing service here in NYC. Not only their frames provide additional beauty to their clients’ pieces, they also give the assurance that these will lost for a long period of time. They also provide same-day service and rush services for all of their clients’ fine art needs.

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