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Make Me Alive Again: Powerful Book Reveals Details of One Man's Afterlife

Through a series of compelling discussions and essays, Kay Zadanieski’s new book is challenging thousands of peoples’ preconceived notions about life after death. Revealing details about the afterlife that have never before been chronicled, the book is resonating with readers around the world.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- It’s a huge debate with a thousand theories; however, a new book by Kay Zadanieski is finally providing solid evidence about the reality of the afterlife. It’s bold proof that death really is just the beginning.

“Make Me Alive Again” is unlike any other life-after-death communication ever published.

The startling narrative of this non-fiction will challenge the reader’s pre-conceived notions about life after death. Make Me Alive Again reveals details of an after-life that have never before been chronicled.

The recently passed-over “Cat” (the nickname given to him posthumously) finds himself not quite as deceased as he originally assumed he would be after – well, dying. His desire to bring this matter to the attention of the living began to be fulfilled when his energy somehow found itself with Kay – a woman whom he had never met in life, but who has now become his friend and confidante.

Their lengthy discussions and the essays written entirely by Cat leave no subject untouched - from death, dying and spirituality to current affairs, business, family … and love.

Now in a place that is still here but hidden from sight, Cat is forced to become introspective and turn his mind toward his spiritual growth. As each chapter unfolds, Cat’s spirit begins that journey with one step forward and two or three back as he struggles with his past.

The subject matter is approached by the multi-faceted personality and myriad emotions that are Cat: mercurial, brilliant, fiery, creative, emotional, insecure and self-deprecating. Blunt and unfiltered, he leaves nothing out - neither of himself nor his insights of this world and the next. All of these communications are made through a simple spirit board and pendulum of Kay’s own design. The energy that is Cat’s swings the pendulum to each letter, swiftly spelling out words, sentences and whole works of his own.

The indomitable spirit of Cat in this sassy account of the after-life will leave the reader with newfound hope and insightful elements of discovery on the one hand, and laughing on the other as Kay deals with the sometimes delightfully playful, sometimes despicable Cat as he wades through the murky waters of his old life, yet embracing his new existence with a new-found vigor and desire to carry on exactly where he left off.

As the author explains, her book allows readers to develop a close relationship with its messenger.

“The very down-to-earth manner of this communication is peculiar in itself and very rich in detail, and perhaps after reading the book, many people will recognize the true identity of ‘Cat’,” says Zadanieski.

Continuing, “His insights not only include the after-life, but the here and now, and future products that he envisages and describes. The energy of ‘Cat’ is so intense that his desire to be heard did not diminish at death.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

For example, Barbara Stewart said, “I just finished this fantastic read about one man's journey through the portal of death and the very much alive woman he communicates his hopes, fears, triumphs and regrets to. What a chance to see inside the mind of a genius and at the same time explore the landscape beyond the grave. I couldn't put this one down.”

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Make Me Alive Again’, published by Inspire Publications Inc., is available now: http://amzn.to/12emuP9

About the Author: Kay Zadanieski Kay
Kay Zadanieski Kay, a psychic for as long as she can remember, is a practicing Wiccan. While her greatest expertise has always been with the Tarot that she has read for over twenty-five years, she is also able to channel energies from beyond this life seeking her assistance in passing over or passing messages. Outside of her spiritual life, Kay is part owner of a consumer electronics corporation and has an educational background in Economics and Business Administration. Marie Segovia Marie’s fascination with the written word started in early childhood writing poems. Now, as a freelance writer, her non-fiction articles have been published in several national newspapers, and she writes regularly for regional magazines. Her articles cover a wide range of subjects including travel, architecture, food and interior design. She has long been a student of Metaphysics and the life beyond death, so her friendship with Kay is linked with this common bond. Marie graduated college with degrees in Music and Education, and she continues to pursue those interests.