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Chennai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- The realm of sit at home micro jobs has been so saturated that in 2014, there has been several calls for revolution. One of the answers to the revolution is the birth of the new online micro job platform which has fully incorporated the changes needed. is not a mock site of the old micro jobs which ended up as big scams, it is the new online money making platform where making money is the safest. With, people have nothing to worry about as a seller or a buyer. is an online platform offering tasks and services beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. The website is essentially a micro-task marketplace and is primarily aimed at freelancers and hobbyists to offer a variety of tasks and services with an attached price-tag which will not put a hole in one’s pocket. Users can both buy as well as sell their services though the already well built platform. Buyers can avail themselves of the services offered on the site by paying the price attached to each micro-task through their PayPal accounts or sellers who have money in their fivepay accounts can also buy from other sellers.

The website aims to provide a platform for people to buy and sell a variety of small services or jobs typically offered by freelance contractors or hobbyists, such as advertising, business, fun and bizarre, gift ideas, graphics, music and audio, programming, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, video, writing, tips and advice and others. Sellers post their services under any of these categories and mark them with suitable tags to ease searches by buyers. Buyers can also post their suggestions or needs in the suggest box where sellers will contact buyers who need the services they render. is a market place where professional sellers are willing to help small businesses grow to standard.

The platform is built on policy of transparency with full time support for both sellers and buyers. Assurance level of 100% satisfaction is also 100% and whenever there is any issue between sellers and buyers, the support team is fully ready to tackle issues and settle disputes amicable and timely with best global practices in the industry. This is why insists that every transaction should pass through the platform so the support team will have full evidence to resolve issues. The site administrators are also very soft on commission as sellers are charged 20% commission from each sale that is made through the platform.

If people have hobbies and skills which are high in demand, it is time to put it to use by opening a free account with so one can start earning handsomely and may even rely on the services as the primary source of income. This is absolutely different from other sit at home micro jobs where people don’t get paid, payment is via PayPal and one will surely get his money. This platform is universal and anybody from any part of the world can join as a seller or a buyer to render services to clients all around the world that one does not even know. People get paid as they finish their jobs and the buyers are satisfied with the services rendered.

“If you have any hobbies and would love to trade to make money without leaving the comfort of your home, join If you want the best services rendered at the barest minimum budget, you have to join fivepay because a seller is waiting for you to fix that project for you in no time and at the cheapest price ever. Hurry, join fivepay here today and begin to make and safe more money.”

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