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Make Money Online at Home Now Discusses Weather Disturbance That Compromised Several Websites Hosted by a Popular Cloud Service

Occurrence represents one of the drawbacks of cloud services


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- One of the top cloud providers’ services were no match for a storm that caused a facility to succumb to a power interruption. The outage immediately downed several top websites hosted by this service and affected sites insisted they lost no data.

“Surely these connectivity issues are not exclusive to this particular cloud service. Yet some people might doubt the capability of all cloud services in general to safeguard data for online businesses including those interested in learning how to make extra money,” Make Money Online At Home Now founder K. Chatman said.

Cloud computing—loosely defined as the use of remote servers for storage—has empowered users in recent years to access software and data anytime, anywhere. Although, this service offers many benefits including cost saving ones, the potential drawbacks are not always apparent.

“Users might think they relinquish greater control over their data to the cloud than, say, local servers or hard drives. Glitches in the cloud may indeed cut people off from essential files and programs for uncertain periods of time,” Mr. Chatman said.

Online companies fear losing their data permanently to the cloud. Surveys also show that companies dread cloud services’ vulnerability to security compromises. Others suspect cloud services of covertly gathering private information from users.

“Despite all these concerns, more businesses have realized the pros of utilizing the cloud. For one, cloud-hosted sites rack up plenty of savings on utilities and hardware upgrades. Better yet, it is easier to recover data lost to power outages from the cloud than local servers,” K.A. Chatman added.

First-time users should select scalable, low-cost cloud solutions. These can easily accommodate the company’s needs as they increase. Ideally, the chosen solution should offer seamless export of data in multiple formats across other services.

“Rising to the cloud is like any inevitable change happening in technology. Learn to embrace it and develop contingencies for its potential shortcomings,” Mr. Chatman concluded.

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