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Make Money Online at Home Now Suggests Self-publishing for Knowledgeable Individuals

E-book platforms are spawning superstar authors


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Citing the runaway success of various self-publishing authors, Make Money Online At Home Now once again acknowledged the viability of self-publishing through E-book platforms; as a way to learn how to make money online.

“Publishing has never become more instantaneous than today. Whereas before you had to wait for years before your manuscript hit bookstores, it takes all of a few minutes to publish books through the web,” said Make Money Online founder K. Chatman.

Amanda Hocking sold her debut E-book My Blood Approves on Amazon and other self-publication platforms and moved 100,000 copies the following year. She has since interested St Martin’s Press enough to print the first of her four new books this August. In a similarly exemplary case, Jennifer Park’s E-novel Flat-Out Love has seen thousands of copies sold via Amazon’s reader Kindle. And then there’s EL James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, which went from an obscure piece of online erotica to quite possibly the most popular book series today.

“What we are seeing is an undeniable power shift from the old guard, represented by big publishing houses and physical bookstores, to the authors and E-book publishers. The former are not going to dissolve anytime soon but the latter are truly making waves,” Mr. Chatman said.

First and foremost, authors looking to self-publish online must still have their works formatted and proofread. In the absence of publishing house editors, an author may need to invest in a cost-effective editor or an equally able third party.

“In fact, perhaps half or most of the work in self-publishing resides in marketing. Without the marketing divisions of a publication company, authors are left to plug their works on their own. At the very least, self-published authors should have a website and a few social media accounts,” advised K.A. Chatman.

He also tipped off would-be self-publishers on the most popular E-book genres.

“Romance, fantasy, thriller, horror, crime, and mystery sell well currently,” he opined.

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