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Palm Beach Gardens, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2016 -- The concept of cpa network has caught up the attention of millions of viewers all over the globe. This is now seen as a means of making good money. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. This refers to the cost an advertiser pays for every action that is completed. In simple terms, a restaurant advertiser will pay $5 to the person whenever he gets his friend to dine in the restaurant. The era of paying for views or number of clicks has gone. One needs to complete a certain pre-determined action to be eligible for payment. The pre-determined actions that need to be completed may include filling in a short form, such as submitting an email address, getting a quote for something, for example insurance, signing up for a free trial, entering a competition, buying a product, doing a small survey, voting in a poll or downloading an application. All these are a part of an ad network. All these processes can be done in a very easy way with the help of content locking. Content locking will encourage the =completion of the action.

The flexible content locking system allows customization of appearance. The theme settings can also be changed. There will be many monetization options. One can also change the advanced behavior settings and also set the redirect URL, user access time and campaign types. There are many other options available that one can make use of. The content locking campaigns can be optimized for content locking traffic. The traffic can be monetized from almost every country and can also be done from any device. This maximizes the EPC and overall earnings. Content lockers can also be used with post back tracking services for full integration into websites, apps, games and software.

The tracking ID's can be used to pass variables back to the platform and execute the business logic for every completion that is successful and eligible to generate a commission. The content locker tool is also mobile optimized. The tool automatically detects mobile devices. It has the capability to support traffic from all the devices and it will automatically target the best converting offers for the user's device which include iOS and Android campaigns. In a general scenario, one can earn about $ 0.20 to $20.00 per conversation that is valid. It again depends on the user's country and the device he uses. The average conversion rates normally vary between 5%-10%. This means that the earnings can be increased very quickly. The earnings and performance will also depend on other factors, including the traffic and the content that one is monetizing.

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AdLock Media is a cpa based performance network specializing in content locking technology as well as mobile based performance CPA offers.

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