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Make Money with Google Helpouts - The Paid Expert Review


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Google has just released an online collaboration service that lets people connect with each other and talk to each other for sharing experience and expertise and knowledge with those who are in need of it. In Google Helpouts, Google is ready to pay people who will share their expertise and knowledge and teach other people. They will pay people who are ready to help and provide advice to those who require it. But first Google tests the trainers whether they are eligible to become a trainer or not. This procedure includes certain tests and things including a live interview. Anybody who passes that test can become a trainer, a paid one indeed.

The Paid Expert is a program by Joel Comm and Joshua Writer who trains people how to pass these difficult tests by Google and be a Google certified trainer. The question arises that why people should listen to these guys and follow their program? Well, Joel Comm is a well known successful entrepreneur and is in the online business, making money on the internet for more than eighteen years. Statistically, people who keep up with the upcoming latest technology and software such as Affiliate Marketing and Adsense by Google make a lot of money than those who get left behind and don’t know what the new technology is up to.

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The system of applying in Google as a trainer starts when the candidate applies for an invitation code. The Paid Expert program will teach people techniques that will enable them to receive the invitation code on the same day they request it. Google usually takes a lot of time assigning the invitation code but with Paid Expert, people will be trained through videos to get the code as soon as possible. The program teaches how to create a Helpouts marketplace listing as the developers have been using Helpouts since it was launched and they know exactly how to pass through the cracks in the system.

After having cleared with these two procedures, Google conducts a live interview with the candidate. This is the most crucial part of the tests as the people interviewing are very experienced and can not be fooled. The candidate is asked simple questions. The Paid Expert trains people how and what to answer those questions that don’t let that person’s image down and get rejected in an interview. After the candidate passes all the tests, he has now the option to go live and make money by talking to people.

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This is the biggest opportunity by Google to help people who are in need of help and also help people make money. Earning money has never been so easy where words that come out of a person’s mouth are being cashed. People who want to be a trainer and who is also a teacher should definitely go for this program called The Paid Expert because this course drastically increases a person’s chance to be approved by Google as a trainer.

Helpouts Profits is an incredible video training course that people should immediately get their hands on. People are making fortunes, simply by owning this program. People who have still not bought it are missing an amazing opportunity to get it on a discount rate.

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