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Make Sure to Choose the Right Tiling for the Bathroom Floor


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- “In terms of interior design for the bathroom,” said Dean Dupre who owns Champion Tile and Marble in Tampa, Florida, “it’s best to chose the correct type of tiles that thrive in a wet, humid environment. Anti-slip is a good place to start, but more than that, you want safety, eye appealing serenity and something to last a long time.”

Home renovations for the bathroom need to keep practicality and utility in mind. While thinking blazing red ceramic tiles may look grand in the washroom, they are not the best choice in terms of the ability to withstand moisture. Red is also an overly vibrant choice for a bathroom and may make it difficult to sell the house later.

It is best to choose neutral colors and blend and compliment one another. “Neutral does not need to be boring,” added Dupre. “In fact, if you add in splashes of color, say red, it creates a whole new atmosphere for you.”

One of the first things to take into consideration is a non-slip floor. You need anti-slip tiles in the bathroom of safety’s sake. Think of tiles that feature a relief on the surface, those that come with a matte finish and check for a non-slip rating. These types of tiles come in the same wide range of choices as other tiles that may appeal to a homeowner bent on redoing the bathroom.

“The best type of finish for bathroom tiles is porcelain, because they handle wear and tear really well. Even though you can choose high-gloss finishes or even a marble-like style, avoid these, as they are slippery when wet,” indicated Dupre.

Having a bathroom with non-slip floors does not mean giving up design ideas. Today, technology offers many different ways to make what was once safe and dreary, into something with zing and style, and the only difference between a regular tile that is not non-slip and a non-slip tile is textures. Flooring for all reasons and needs has come a long way over the last few decades.

“Once you have your choice of tiles for the bathroom floor, the walls are next. Here you can be more casual about your choices, unless there is some particular reason for you to also use anti-slip tiles on the wall. If in doubt, consult with a Tampa flooring contractor. One way or another, you will get what you want when it comes to upgrading your bathroom with safety and style in mind,” Dupre suggested.

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