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Make Webinars in Seconds with New Program


Doral, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Anyone in Affiliate Marketing or online sales understand the importance of a quality webinar.  These tools help bring more and better business to a trade site as well and assist new affiliate marketers in running their own businesses.

The problem is many of the webinars are difficult to start, post and maintain without large understanding of web-based tools and learning software.  This is very frustrating for new members in any affiliate program.

Video is slowly becoming the number one way to bring customers to an e-store.  Many do not have the time nor the ability to create videos and post them correctly.  This means countless numbers of customers are slipping through the cracks – hurting down lines and profits.

“AutoWebinarPress is designed to make automated webinars available to the every day marketer. Unlike the other expensive solutions, that are 5 times the price and harder to set-up, AutoWebinarPress is designed to help you set-up an automated webinar in minutes,” said Mr. Ali.

AWP is actually a WordPress plugin that takes about 5 minutes to set up and gives you a professional looking squeeze page, and funnel to get people to sign up and watch the video.  Those who arrive have the opportunity to view products and services.  This is the best possible way to earn excellent income with very little work on the affiliate’s behalf.

“Now, while this is all still coming true and to fruition, there’s something that I haven’t mentioned… The future in our world is already here. In fact, a fellow marketer that I know has developed and finally re-releasing his long, sought after, Auto Webinar Plugin, Auto Webinar Press for the market for a short period of time,” said Mr. Ali.

More information about Auto Webinar Plugin is available at the website.  Visit for more details.
Mo Ali – CEO, AutoWebinarPress