Makers of Family Safety App Address School Social Media Monitoring Controversy in Blog Post


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2013 -- As cyberbullying reaches epidemic proportions among our nation's youth, an increasing number of school districts around the nation are adopting a new strategy to manage their students' behavior: They are hiring firms to monitor their students' social media behavior. By nipping concerning behaviors in the bud before they get out of hand, schools hope they will be able to curb the growing number of incidences of cyberbullying, tween and teen suicides and other antisocial behaviors.

The idea of schools hiring firms to monitor their students' social media use is not without its detractors, as many critics say social media monitoring is little more than spying on kids. Snooping, they claim, is an affront to children's right to privacy.

An article at, for example, argues that "the Internet is full of nightmares for parents and educators worried about safety. And it probably always will be. But does that make it appropriate for a school district to hire professional social media snoops to digitally tail their students’ moves online?"

The team at MamaBear Family Safety App frequently hear this concern from parents worried that social media monitoring – whether at school or at home – is an invasion of a child's privacy. The issue is complex, which is why the MamaBear team recently posted an article addressing the question of social media monitoring. In the post, they draw a distinction between spying and monitoring and offer suggestions to parents who don't want to violate their children's privacy but want to ensure their safety in the social media environment.

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