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Making Career over the Clouds of n'cloud: The IT Talent Factory of n'cloud.swiss AG for "High Potentials"

The DNA of a true pioneer in Europe's cloud world with the introduction of the in-house cloud platform n’cloud in 2009 makes clear how important innovative thinking is at n'cloud.swiss AG.


Seengen, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2018 -- As an internationally operating and highly qualified service provider in the areas of IT and cloud solutions, the company ranks among the leading providers in various markets. "This is mainly due to the strong innovative ability of the employees. Anyone working here is aware that innovation means having affinity for the market, not only having visions, but giving them life and realizing them, thinking ahead, and contributing to the company's success," says André Matter, Founder and Chairman of n'cloud.swiss AG.

These values are transmitted in the company's talent factory from the first year of apprenticeship and implemented by the apprentices. This is clearly demonstrated by the excellent performance of these "high potentials". One of them is Joel Zanini, who successfully completed his apprenticeship in Computer Science Systems Engineering in 2016 and was awarded the grade 5.7 out of 6 for his thesis on "Web Access Applications and Remote Desktop Farming". Subsequently, he was taken over by n'cloud.swiss AG, where he now works as a Systems Engineer. In addition to Joel, Steven Matter is also one of these "high potentials" who were trained in the company and subsequently recruited. He successfully completed his apprenticeship as a Computer Scientist for Systems Engineering in 2015 and was awarded the grade 5.72 out of 6 for his thesis "Building an Application Remote Desktop Terminal Farm with Webaccess in a Subdomain Level Concept for Access by Different Customers". As IT Project Manager, he is responsible for the implementation of customer projects. His goal is to provide the best possible support to n'cloud.swiss AG in its international expansion.

The most recent graduate of the company's talent factory is Joshua Schärer, who completed his apprenticeship as a Computer Scientist for Application Development this year and at the same time acquired a vocational school-leaving certificate. For his thesis, he has created a web application and received the grade 5.9 out of 6.

As with all companies, the success of n'cloud.swiss AG depends primarily on its employees. This makes it even more important to spot talented young people early and to promote them. Joel Zanini, Steven Matter and Joshua Schärer are very good examples and show that the success of the company is not a coincidence. While n'cloud.swiss AG was founded in 2001 as Netkom IT Services GmbH with a focus on consulting, in 2009 the first cloud platform in Europe n'cloud was created by Founder and present Chairman André Matter himself. Eight years later, the company is expanding worldwide and pursuing the ambitious goal of establishing itself as an alternative to the world's major cloud providers.

About n'cloud.swiss AG
n'cloud.swiss AG is an international operating and highly qualified service provider in the areas of IT and cloud solutions and is one of the leading providers in various markets. The owner-managed IT company was founded in 2001. Since then, it has been one of the very few companies in the cloud sector worldwide that can tailor all cloud models and services from Public, On-PREM or Hybrid clouds as well as offering "managed", "semi-managed" or "unmanaged" support services. n'cloud.swiss AG also supports partners with its n'world innovation center in the implementation of new IT and cloud technologies with exciting projects for numerous business fields and use cases. These include, for example, blockchain projects, machine learning, edge computing, IA, big data, etc. Safety through quality?—?quality through specialization and innovation. For n'cloud.swiss AG, these are not just goals, but lived values. For effective protection and the highest level of safety and innovation for our current and future customers at home and abroad.