Making Crowdfunding Local; Keeping Florida Relevant

Less Campaigns Equal More Visibility at GofundFlorida.com


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- GofundFlorida took a chance when they chose to limit their crowdfunding website to Florida based projects unlike larger sites that allow campaigns from around the world to launch campaigns. Their goal is to help build the economy in Florida communities as well as bring visibility to all the great things Florida has to offer. GofundFlorida launched on 09/01/14 and already has some exciting Florida based campaigns on their website.

GofundFlorida allows their users to post “almost” anything from emergencies to startup businesses. They allow individuals, artists, filmmakers, families in need, musicians, filmmakers, techies, innovators, community based organizations, schools and anyone else raise the funds they need and share their ideas and causes with the world.

GofundFlorida is a reward- based, crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is a way for individuals, companies and organizations to fund causes, projects and ventures, which is referred to as “campaigns”. This is done by raising small amounts of money from a large amount of people, which is referred to a “crowd”). The crowdfunding concept is nothing new, but has recently been enhanced by the use of the internet and social media

It is free to post a project or launch a campaign on GofundFlorida. The only fees to GofundFlorida users is a 2.9% + $0.40 per donation making GofundFlorida one of the lowest priced crowdfunding websites allowing their users to keep more of the funds they raise. GofundFlorida has even gone so far as to donate $10.00 to all campaigns launched on their website

About GofundFlorida
GofundFlorida, (http://www.gofundFlorida.com.com), based in West Palm Beach, FL, the first Florida specific Crowdfunding Platform leading provider it’s services to individuals and companies with Florida based ideas, causes, events projects and more.. Our online services focus on helping you get crowdfunded with at the most affordable price possible so you can keep more of what you raise.

For more information visit GofundFlorida website at: http://gofundflorida.com/