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Making Money with Adsense Revolutionized After Release of New WordPress Plugin

A recently released WordPress plugin offers webmasters a tool to create web sites that generate passive income using Google Adsense as the means of monetisation and promises to make money with Adsense more efficient.


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Making Money with Adsense has been made easier now with the release of a new plugin called FastSense. Tracey Meagher the publisher of the WordPress plugin describes it this way: “It works by focusing on a particular type of content that appeals to visitors and using a simple plugin I developed to produce amazing CTR's, which mean even a site with minimal traffic earns money everyday.”

One of the main breakthroughs of this particular plugin are click through rates (CTRs) that are much higher than usual. “CTR rates of up to 12% average means FastSense sites make money without you having to toil endlessly at getting traffic,” says Mrs. Meagher.

And she continues: “So in other words, these are super fast sites to setup that easily pick up traffic themselves and convert that traffic to clicks at rates that would make hard working AdSenser’s eyes pop, thereby making money daily!”

In a recent news article SEO Cash in wrote: “Creating sites designed purely as Adsense money making machines is a tried and tested way to generate passive income. Many people with large numbers of these “made for Adsense” sites derive a substantial income from them, with no maintenance or work of any kind required after the site has been set up. Owning a large network of Adsense sites is one of the few real online passive income generating methods available.”

A web site that was recently auctioned off was described as “running totally on autopilot”. The same source continues: “The website that is for sale is making $600/month via Adsense and is generating 100% traffic from Google and is highly popular.”

The FastSense plugin has recently been launched on the Warrior Forum as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO). It is offer to the public as a digital download along with a detailed guide in PDF format.

The plugin has been featured on, a leading website that specializes in reviewing WSOs, plugins and how-to guides.

A customer who purchased the plugin describes his experience: “I was expecting that I’d have to do grind out some text which frankly gets old fast but this is not the case here.”

Interested consumers can acquire the FastSense plugin through the WSO thread.

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