Making Technology Benefit People to Improve Their Health

Technology Has Been The Biggest Contributor Towards The Change That Has Come In The World Of Health Care.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Technology has been the biggest contributor towards the change that has come in the world of health care. It holds a tremendous possibility for the people concerned to increase the life span by fighting out dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc. With the emergence of diseases which are a threat to health of individuals such as the diseases mentioned above are referred to as the by-products which actually can be avoided quite easily. Contributing to this Amber Institute offers a complete change in current health paradigm from the current state of, live, get sick, help to live electric, and gain wisdom. This new health paradigm is seen as an emergence of consciousness in the dynamically ancient yet New Cutting Edge Motif.

The founder Minister EnQi who is the brainchild behind this has authored in over 15 books among which 5 are available both in print as well as on the website. He has been known as a champion of the urban city youth while galvanizing the seniors in a single movement for incorporating the modern swagger with wit, grammar and intelligence. With Amber Institute the world certainly is a much better place with the efforts of Dr. Gabriel who was also the co-founder of Wholistic University which is an online college which offers Bachelors, Masters and PHD degrees in both eastern traditional and traditional holistic sciences. At the institute the students who take the PHD courses for a period of 27 months are eligible for its foreign exchange program in Chinese and Indian universities. In case interested students wish to knowmore about the Wholistic University they could check out the official website at The goal at WHolistic University is helping the students to meet the increasing international demand of Alternative Health Care professionals.

This surely calls for a development in the future green market which includes each and every grass root health initiative that pops up in local places including the farmer markets, veggie stands, smoothie bars, etc. Today this holds hundreds and thousands of jobs for individuals around the globe in the field of holistic practitioner. To get information and learn more about these courses and get assistance Amber Institute comes with great solution. With its campaign of “Momma Knows Best” it defines that it has all it takes to get the qualifications for the courses.


About Amber Institute
Amber Institute Ministry provides assistance to help students with their preparations for Alternative Health Care professionals. It was founded by Minister Enqi and his daughter Amber. The institute aims to completely change the current health paradigm from the current levels and make things for the world we live in. They have a team of esteemed scientists along with investors and guinea pigs who have invested their blood, sweat, and tears for health of others.