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Riga City, Latvia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2021 -- Malcolm Tan is a Serial Entrepreneur mostly in digital technology, founder of Gravitas International Associates, Chief Strategist and Advisor of Technicorum Holdings and Strategic Advisor of Kingswap DEX.

With his vast experience, in-depth knowledge, and extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT, and financial industries, Malcolm worked for top national and international companies worldwide. All the companies that Malcolm has worked with recognize his deep industry knowledge and strong business acumen and commercial advice, and those following such advice are satisfied and generating profits due to his top-notch and quality consultations.

Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer

Malcolm was called to the Singapore Bar in 2000, and started practice at Allen & Gledhill, the top Singapore Law firm, in its IP & Technology Department. He represented several top brands for IP enforcement, such as Disney, Nokia, Nike etc. Whilst at Allen & Gledhill, he also pursued his Master of Laws degree at the National University of Singaporeand obtained his LLM in 2002.

Technology and MNC Lawyer

After leaving Allen & Gledhill in 2002, Malcolm practiced general commercial litigation and corporate law. He was then headhunted in late 2005 to join an MNC and transitioned into an in-house regional legal counsel in the Semiconductor industry at Infineon. Whilst at Infineon, he handled the APAC portfolio in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, China, Taiwan, and Korea, and was in charge of technology and procurement contracts and litigious matters. He was instrumental in the huge carve-out of Qimonda from Infineon in 2006, liaising with all the department heads in factories and R&D centres in APAC to enable the successful transition of the memory and DRAM business from Infineon to Qimonda. Malcolm was also seconded for a few months to the Shanghai China office where he oversaw the audit of the Infineon China office and businesses, as well inspecting and assisting the Wuxi Industrial Park factory and expansion in 2008. He was promoted multiple times in recognition of his abilities within a short span of time.

First Stint as an Entrepreneur

Whilst at Infineon, Malcolm had his first Eureka moment, conceptualizing his first business idea and plan, proceeding to write his first business plan in 2007, and led his first seed funding round, raising $500,000 within a week and launching his first business in 2008, which was in the Human Resources Information Systems space. He built his team of developers and marketing and salespeople who ran the company in 2008, and after he left Infineon at the end of 2008, he personally helped and operated the company until 2010 when he had his first exits, selling the business and the spun-off Web Development company (formerly the company's IT department) successfully.

Chief Legal Officer in Telco Company

He was then headhunted for various General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer roles at a top Singapore national infrastructure consortium, a top real estate group going for listing, an emerging UK AIMS listed technology company, and ultimately chose a role in a leading In-Building Systems company headquartered in Singapore. As the CLO of this group, he oversaw the legal matters for entities globally, from Costa Rica and USA, to MENA and European offices, and mostly in Asian markets where the telco group was a market leader in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Serial Entrepreneur

In 2012, Malcolm left the IBS specialist and formed a new company along with 2 senior directors from the IBS specialist group, and led a short seed funding round and a few mergers & acquisitions within a short span of 2 months, parlaying an initial seed funding of $300,000 into a valuation for his new group of companies of several million within less than a year. He led some M+A deals, structured and acquired 7 construction and engineering companies over the next 4 years, and some of these companies were known within Singapore and regionally in South-east Asia as leading specialist builders and engineering companies, primarily in tunnel communications systems and fiber optics and structured cabling. His group won contracts with various government agencies and departments as well as with listed companies and large enterprises, such as Changi Airport Group, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Singapore Power, etc. His companies worked on 7 tunnel projects for the MRT system in Singapore, and a cable tunnel project for the power grid operators, as well as 2 Malaysian tunnel projects – one being the Pudu Raya station project in Kuala Lumpur, and another being a Hydroelectric project in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Malcom Tan events

Technology and DLT/Blockchain Experience

Malcolm, with his amazing expertise, has consulted many companies and businesses. Malcolm provided consultancy for some of the sectors as: Business consultancy, business and projects brokering, funding and investments, engineering and construction, IT and business management, now fully into Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor for numerous blockchain projects assisting them legally and from a holistic viewpoint, from 2017 to the present day.

Malcolm, sooner than others, understood the importance of blockchain technology, DLT and cryptocurrencies and doing a deep dive into it, he quicky became a leading Singaporean lawyer and advisor in the space, and publishing his first book in 2017. From that point onwards, He has since advised over 100 companies and projects, and He is currently advising and consulting for several companies, organizations, and startups. He has frequently been a keynote and panel speaker at dozens of leading conferences spanning the globe.

He's presently building an ecosystem centered around blockchain technologies and DLT advisory, tech, fintech, challenger/neo banks, DeFi, identity and Regtech, and a SuperApp.

Malcolm's Popular Books

Malcolm Tan is a well-known author of his two famous books:

How to ICO/ITO in Singapore
DeFi – The Latest Financial Phenomenon

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36 Robinson Rd. – Singapore, SG

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