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Male Enhancement Watch Blows the Lid off Phoney Penis Enlargement Solutions

Male Enhancement Watch dispels penis enlargement myths, recommending only clinically proven products backed by hard science.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- Speaking frankly, when it comes to the penis, size matters. Not as much to women however as to men. For men, their penis is a tangible, measurable statement of their manhood- whether or not this is a legitimate measure is for many beside the point. As such, those on the shorter end of the spectrum are desperate to find ways to improve their length through artificial means. This desperation has been manipulated by manufacturers for years that have produced pumps, pills and magic beans promising to improve the situation downstairs without a shred of real efficacy. Male Enhancement Watch is a website dedicated to dispelling rumours and excitingly, provides reviews of products proven to work.

Great excitement spread as scientific research showed that the traction based method of penis extension could provide real and lasting gains for men looking to extend their penis, including press coverage by Time Magazine.

Male Enhancement Watch now regularly update reviews of traction based products and refuse to review any other form of male enhancement solution- as no clinical evidence has been found to support their use. They have also dedicated their pages to dispelling myths and exposing quackery in the industry. Their SizeGenetics review reveals the product to be most effective in tackling small penis syndrome, making it one of the best penis extenders on the market.

A spokesperson for Male Enhancement Watch explained, “The only way to see lasting improvement to penis length is through a no mercy approach that has the penis in traction for hours every day over a period of months. These gains can be taken seriously and are guaranteed under the strict regimen, promising nearly an inch of added length- it might not sound like a lot compared to the boastful claims of the fakers, but this is real, tangible and permanent gain. Through the products we recommend, people can finally give themselves the kind of self-confidence they’ve been searching for and put the inferiority complex permanently to rest.”

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Male Enhancement Watch writes no nonsense advice -- it's all about scientifically proven facts about male enhancement. They focus only on traction based enlargers that are medically approved devices. They also offer a very comprehensive 30-day guide to enlarging the penis, completely free (for now). This guide is perfect for everyone who wants a bigger penis healthily and safely. For more information, please visit: