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Malka & Kravitz Construction Law Specializes in New Arbitration Practice Area with Expansion

Malka & Kravitz Construction Law is offering construction litigation services to save companies huge sums in ongoing legal fees through a negotiated and mutually beneficial approach.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Construction is big business, and with such a huge industry comes a significant amount of red tape and legality, which must be navigated efficiently in order for projects to go ahead and be completed successfully. Legal consultation in construction is the specialty of Malka & Kravitz Construction Law, a Fort Lauderdale construction law attorney practice that assists with everything from corporate statutory compliance to construction licensing in south Florida. They have just expanded their services with the aim of saving companies huge fees in legal battles with new arbitration services.

The services include lien enforcement and defense claims, bond enforcement and defense claims, mediation and arbitration, all designed to keep companies out of the long and expensive process of trial and appeal. The mediation services create a legally binding agreement between the parties without the need for a judge, created impartially around the negotiating table.

The practice also offers trial and appeal representation in the event that no compromise can be found, completing their suite of legal representation services. The services are designed to be as cost effective as possible, and prevent legal battles being drawn out for years.

A spokesperson for Malka & Kravitz Construction Law explained, "It is an unfortunate reality of the construction industry that things do not always go to plan, and failed deadlines, accidents or unforeseen circumstances can drive rifts between companies whose success depended on one another. We hope to heal those rifts in a mutually beneficial manner while saving the companies involved potentially millions in the costs of an ongoing legal battle. Our other services are all committed to helping companies ensure they do not find themselves in legal trouble in the first place, so an ongoing relationship with Malka & Kravitz can cover all eventualities."

About Malka & Kravitz Construction Law
Malka & Kravitz Construction Law is a professional association of Board Certified experts in construction law servicing Florida and specializing as South Florida construction lawyers. They are exceptionally qualified to assist in all business and construction law needs, from contract drafting, bid compilation, contract negotiation, dispute resolution, construction defects claims and defenses, and more.

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