Joe Bragg Offers Savings on Malwarebytes Software


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2012 -- Malware is a portmanteau of “malicious software”, designed to install itself in a computer, often without the user’s knowledge, and exploit security weaknesses or otherwise bypass firewalls and filters for a variety of reasons. Whether putting unwanted data on a computer, stealing data from that computer, or hijacking its processing power or IP for attacks on other computers, the bottom line is, it’s something that no one wants in their system.

Malwarebytes is a program offering ‘twenty-four, seven’ protection for computer systems in real time, identifying malware as it first rears its head, and offering users the opportunity to delete it before it can begin to become active.

Malware Coupon is a new site dedicated to offering visitors a Malwarebytes coupon code allowing them to purchase the software at a special, discount rate.

The site goes into detail about the software and its advantages, with the 2012 version offering the latest protection and features, including Realtime Malware Protection, Realtime IP Protection, Automatic Updating, Automatic Scanning, Flash Scanning, and a Lifetime License. The Lifetime License is a particular advantage, as other products can require annual subscriptions to database features that can mount up as years go by.

The process of getting access to the Malwarebytes Promo Code is simple, and in light of the rapidly growing popularity of the site, the old 15% discount code has been retired, with a new, 20% discount code taking its place. Simply clicking the “checkout with discount” button gives users instant access to the reduced price download for the software, which can be paid for, downloaded and installed within minutes.

The Malware Coupon site is also keen to point out that where some discount codes might lead to lesser versions of software with advanced features coming at extra cost, the discount code here entitles the user to the full Pro version of the software with all features intact.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We have a simple aim, and thankfully our site design makes it easy for that aim to be achieved. Visitors can read all about the software and the advantages it has over its competitors, and then with one simple click, can buy and download the software cheaper than they might otherwise have been able to.”

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