MamaBear Offers Parents a Plan to Create a Safer, Less Stressful Halloween


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Halloween can be a scary time, especially for parents who have to be extra prepared for a holiday that comes with additional safety concerns and hazards for their kids.

MamaBear Family Safety app realized that many parents spend Halloween stressed and worried instead of excited and enthusiastic, so they published a blog post to help parents plan, relax, and better enjoy the fun holiday.

The article “16 Steps Parents Can Take Toward a Safer, Less Stressful Halloween” offers tips to help parents find peace of mind during Halloween. Covering subjects like carving pumpkins, dressing up, trick-or-treating, and eating candy, the blog post offers parents simple suggestions for planning ahead in order to create a more enjoyable, less stressful Halloween.

“Halloween is supposed to be a fun time,” explained Robyn Spoto, presidnet of Mamabear and mother of two. “But it is also a time to put special attention toward safety. There are plenty of hazards that parents need to prepare for ahead of time so they can enjoy the day and night.”

The article offers safety tips for preparing for the days before and after Halloween such as shopping for and preparing costumes, testing face paint and makeup, creating trick-or-treat routes, planning emergency stops, and rationing candy consumption.

“Halloween is one day, but we can’t think about it on October 31st alone,” Spoto continued. “We need to plan ahead and prepare for days before and after Halloween. The bonus of planning ahead is that it allows parents to really enjoy the holiday rather than worrying the night away.”

The tips included in MamaBear’s article lead to a more enjoyable holiday for kids as well. Suggestions on how to get younger kids more involved with decorating pumpkins and how to set a trick-or-treating plan for older kids give parents ideas on how to give their kids more independence during the holiday.

Halloween is supposed to be a time for fun for both kids and parents.

Find out how you can create fun, safe, less stressful Halloween this year by reading the full article on the MamaBear Blog

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