Mamabear Offers Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Instagram


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Parents who have tweens with smartphones are undoubtedly aware of the photo-sharing app Instagram. Instagram remains one of the top apps used by kids with over 200 million users. While much of what happens on Instagram involves the harmless sharing of ubiquitous “selfies” and silly photos with friends, the app has features leaving open for vulnerabilities like location tagging and exposure to inappropriate content.

Thankfully, parents have options when it comes to keeping their kids safe on Instagram. A new blog post by the team at MamaBear Family Safety app addresses the dangers of the popular app Instagram and offers useful tips for how parents can help their kids use the app safely.

“Instagram is a fun app that is attractive to people of all age and teens have embraced its essence as a primary form of communication with friends,” said MamaBear president Robyn Spoto, a bona fide MamaBear with two curious, active boys of her own. “We created this blog post to help parents understand Instagram with tips to make sure their kids are using Instagram safely.”

Read the MamaBear blog post about keeping kids safe on Instagram here.

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