The MamaBear Worry Free Parenting App Is Available in Time for Halloween

Information on the technology used in the new MamaBear parenting app.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- MamaBear, the worry free parenting app uses several aspects of modern technology to ensure better protection for children on and off the web. The app is a simple and effective solution to monitoring both social media and using GPS technology to monitor the physical location of children when outside the home. As Halloween approaches costumed events, parties and trick or treating poses unique fun, and unique threats, to children and parents alike. These events make parenting tools like the MamaBear app an ideal solution for parents taking an active hand. Geowaggle has released the app for iOS on open beta on the app store.

The MamaBear parenting app was conceptualized in the summer of 2011 and rapidly developed by implementing a security based approach to modern electronics. The app installs to the tablet and smartphone of a parent as well as a smaller version on the phone of the child. The parent can then monitor numerous aspects of the child’s life and activities. Real time GPS allows the parent to track the child on a map directly. MamaBear also enables alerts if the child travels to a restricted area like an undesirable neighborhood or off limit stores or homes. It also sends an alert if the child leaves an area they are not supposed to, such as leaving school early or sneaking away from a Halloween party. For trouble on the child’s end the MamaBear app offers three simple buttons which allow the child to check in with the parent or discreetly call to be picked up.

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MamaBear is a world of worry-free parenting. Their mission is to create tools that provide parents a peace of mind while giving children needed freedom. Their core values are safety, family, trust, empathy and privacy. You can learn more about MamaBear LLC by visiting their website.