MamaBear Shares Important Online Safety Tips for Kids Going Back to School


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- All around the country, kids are getting ready to go back to school. Parents are preparing by buying school supplies, stocking up on lunch snacks, and this year, maybe even buying a new phone for their child.

“Many parents buy smartphones for their kids to take to school. Some parents feel safer when their kids have a phone because it feels like a reliable, direct connection to them,” said MamaBear president Robyn Spoto, who has two sons of her own. “But many parents aren’t thinking about the potential dangers that phones and unlimited access to the internet may bring. They also don’t realize that those dangers may be magnified once students go back to school.”

At school, students may have unsupervised access to their phone or their friends’ phones for the first time, and they may have more opportunities to get online through classroom computers. So parents need to have important conversations about online safety before sending their kids back to school.

To help parents prepare, MamaBear Family Safety app has released a blog post titled, “8 Back to School Internet Safety Tips for Kids.” The article lists important online safety conversations that parents should have with their kids before they go back to school. The tips are designed to help kids make better decisions when they have access to the internet, and cover topics such as appropriate social media sharing and interactions to dealing with online bullies and setting privacy settings.

MamaBear’s conversation starters are perfect for parents who don’t fully understand online dangers and don’t know how to best approach the topic with their child or teen.

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